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Class 6 Basic Science Chapter 12-Part A

1.When is a body said to be in motion in relation to an observe.

Ans. When something’s position changes with time in relation to an observer, we say that it is in motion.

2. Suppose you are running down a street. Are the houses on the street at rest or in motion relative to you?

Ans. The houses appear to be moving backwards in relation to us, so we can say they are in motion.

3. What is rectilinear motion?

Ans. When an object moves in a straight line, we call its motion “rectilinear,” like when a ball falls from a height.

4. If you throw a tennis ball in the air, what type of motion does it have?

Ans. If we throw a tennis ball up in the air, its motion is called “curvilinear.”

5. Quite often, a body has two types of motion at the same time. Give one example of this.

Ans. The Earth spins on its axis while also going around the sun.

Class 6 Basic Science Chapter 12-Part B.

1. Is it possible for a body to appear to be at rest to one observer and in motion to another at the same time? Explain with the help of an example.

Ans. Yes, it is possible. Imagine you’re sitting by a window in a train. The trees outside will seem to move backward to you. But for someone standing outside, the trees will appear stationary.

2. What is the difference between rotational motion and circular motion? Explain with examples.

Ans. In circular motion, the body’s position keeps changing with time, but in rotational motion, the position stays the same. The Earth moving around the sun is an example of circular motion, while a potter’s wheel rotating is an example of rotational motion.

3. (a) What is oscillatory motion? Is it always periodic? (b) Can any other motion be periodic?

Ans. (a) Oscillatory motion is when a body repeatedly moves around its resting position. Yes, it is always periodic.

(b) The Earth completes one rotation around its axis every 24 hours. This is another example of periodic motion.

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