Can Mass Be Negative? – 7 Unbelievable questions

Are you also confused! with the question Can Mass Be Negative?  No, the mass cannot be negative.Because the mass, it is always considered as a positive quantity.But Mass can be Zero in case of Some Particle.Let’s Get discuss the concept of Mass in Detail.

The concept of negative mass, it is just a hypothetically (imaginary concept) which we can use in some of the cases whenever we are going to discuss about the theoretical problems in Physics and mathematics, So the idea of mass Negative mass Introduce A strange phenomenon that exhibit opposite acceleration, which goes against things that we observe in the world around us.

Can a Mass Be Negative

1.Can Negative Mass be Ever Possible?

No, the concept of negative mass is not possible. There is Currently, no experimental evidence are present. Which support the negative mass concept? It remains an open question in the physics. We need further study related to negative mass. Is it really possible or not? Till now it is not Possible.

2. What is Negative Mass and is it Real?

There is nothing in this world As negative mass. So this the concept of negative mass. It is just a hypothetical concept, imaginary concept, which is not present around us.

3.Can anything have Negative Mass?

No, Noone matter can have negative mass. Because The meaning of mass is amount of matter present in a body is known as mass. So even very small size particle like the electrons. They are having some mass which is considered as a positive quantity. Nothing is there which have negative mass.

4.Can a mass be zero? -can mass be negative?

Yes, Mass can be zero in Particle Physics. In the particle physics. There are such particles like Neutrinos They can consider have very small. But not equal to 0. However, the other particles Like gluon  (carrier of the strong force) and photon (carrier of the weak force) are considered as a massless particles. They can have zero mass.[can mass be negative?]

5.Why Mass can Never be Negative ?

In our universe, there is no such concept is there as negative mass. Mass only comes in positive form. On the other hand electric charge can be positive or negative. The nonexistence of negative mass has profound consequences.

6.What happens when mass is negative?

        Whenever we will talk about negative mass, then we Will go in the Imaginary concept. Because if negative mass will exist. In that case, we will see Abnormal conditions. Like, if we will apply the force on an object, it will start moving in the opposite direction.

Then this misconception of negative mass will bring us in the Unacceptable situations. Because till now, there is no concept Experiment evidence are there Which shows the negative mass concept.

7.Can you lift Negative Mass?

No, we cannot lift a negative mass because, if we lift a negative mass, then negative mass will also feel a gravitational Force in opposite direction. So it will fall down from our hand.


At Last, We can say that mass is the amount of matter containing a body Mass can’t be zero. In some cases, Mass the few particles can be zero like Photons, gluon and for higher particles cannot be zero. Mass can Never be Negative.

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