Physics Made Easy: 10+ Best Ways to Learn Physics By Self Study


Physics is an interesting subject which helps in world understanding, Sometimes some person are seeing Learn Physics as a difficult topic.

However, anyone can study and do well in physics with the appropriate attitude and effort.

Here are some tips to learn physics easily and best methods for better self learn physics, whether you’re beginning from scratch or want to improve your Explaination.


To Learn Physics – Understand Basics of Physics:

The Best way to Learn Physics is understand the theories and ideas of physics. Focus on comprehending the fundamental concepts on which the whole concepts are based.

Make a mind map that makes links to many topics so you can see how they relate to one another. Additionally, learn Basic equations like

Basic Equations of Physics

  • Force = mass x acceleration,
  • Current velocity = initial velocity + (acceleration x time),
  • Momentum = mass x velocity, and
  • Work = displacement x force.
  • Energy = Power x Time

It is necessary to understand these equations to learn physics in better way and how to use them if you want to solve difficult physics problems.

Understand Derivation of Equations – To Learn Physics:

After learning the fundamental equations, spend some time considering how and why they work.

You will understand the relationships between the equations more fully if you understand how each equation is created.

You will be better able to solve a variety of physics problems with this information.

If You will follow all these Tips to learn physics on your own. Then you will be able to Understand Physics in better way.

Focus On Small Details:

In physics, i was also feeling difficulties to learn physics. But i have followed these tips while studying physics personally. I got a good output Result.

Pay close attention to the little things that can affect the correct of the answers.

 Recall important information and make sure to apply it correctly in calculations.

Improve Your Math Skills to Learn Physics:

Since physics includes a lot of mathematics, it’s important to improve your math problem-solving skills to learn physics. 

To manage formulas and to solve calculation easily, study mathematics with physics.

A tutor or joining a study group can offer direction and assistance. 

For resolving physics problems, 

  • Geometry, 
  • Trigonometry,
  • Algebra 

are particularly important math concepts.

Try to Simplify Problems Line by Line: 

When you are solving difficult problems, try to make things as simple as you can. 

Carefully consider the issue and divide it into workable components. This will simplify the issue and make it easier to approach.

 Delete any irrelevant details and focus only on the relevant information needed to solve the problem.

Try to Make Drawing:

May be you have observed whenever we are watching the movie. Later on  we can describe every scenes.

Because we have feel that whole movie.

Similarly we can feel the physics problem and try to make connections with real Life.Then you can also learn Physics in a Better way.

Use of images, and diagrams, can be very useful to learn Physics.

Make your own pictures to help you understand the relationships between a number of elements. 

Flashcards are a helpful study resource for quick review of material and picking up new ideas.

Cross-Check Your Answer:

After doing every practice problems Recheck the answer. Many calculations are frequently involved in physics problems, and even one mistake can result in an wrong solution.

You can check the correctness of your solutions by revising the issue or using common sense.

Let’s Suppose you are doing a problem related to force of friction.While doing this problem you see the velocity of the object increases according to question it is illogical.

Use every source of physics help Available:

Don’t be hesitant to ask for help or use the resources available online or offline.

 Get advice from your physics teacher, join homework groups, or hire a private tutor.

Many online resources, including physics websites, libraries, and instructional websites, provide wonderful resources for education.

Taking use of physics coaching services may also offer organized instruction and help to learn Physics.

Pay attention in Class:

Participate in class discussions and pay attention. You will be able to learn the topic easily and clear it, 

Read the topic that your teacher is going to discuss in tomorrow’s class,make notes, and ask detailed questions.

If possible, ask for permission to record the lessons so that you may listen to them again for better understanding.

Regularly Revise Your Notes:

Review your class notes regularly to make sure you detailed lessons being taught. Don’t wait until the last minute to revise.

Make it a habit to revise concepts from notes instead of revising from book. Look through your notes before night and the following lesson.

 If you are getting physics tuition, ask your teacher for clarification on any difficult portions.

Give Enough Time for Revision:

Better way to learn Physics is to do regular revision is important, therefore keep in mind its value.

Physics is a topic that needs constant reinforcement and practise.

Do practice of the practice exams which will help you to find your weak points of your concept.

You’ll establish a solid foundation and improve your ability to recall information by often going over the content.

Do Practice Problems – To Learn Physics:

Practise is the key to mastering physics. Work on a range of practise issues, from simple to complex.

You may improve your problem-solving abilities and apply theoretical information to practical problems by practising.

Practise problems may easily be found in textbooks, internet resources, and physics problem-solving publications.

Conduct Experiments and Observations:

Since physics is an experimental subject of study, doing experiments might help you understand certain concepts.

To see the ideas in action, wherever possible, carry out hands-on experiments or demonstrations.

If you don’t have access to a lab, you can use online virtual lab available free of cost.You can perform every experiment virtually also.

This will help you to understand the concept thoroughly.

Take Part in Thought Experiments:

In thought experiments, you use your imagination to examine potential outcomes and how they could affect reality.

They help in critical thinking and help you have a better understanding of physics subjects.

Examples of how this method may improve your understanding include Albert Einstein’s well-known thought experiments like the Twin Paradox and the Elevator Thought Experiment.

Keep an open mind and research-related subjects:

Physics is a broad discipline with many subfields and applications. After you’ve mastered the topics, don’t be hesitant to go further into topics that interest you.

Your understanding and enjoyment of the subject will increase if you look into similar areas, whether they be in Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, or Thermodynamics.

Look for Additional Learning Resources:

You can improve your learning with a variety of internet resources in addition to textbooks.

Discover physics-specific instructional resources, online programmes, video lectures, and tutorials available on YouTube.

Well-prepared physics courses are available for free or at a low cost on websites like Khan Academy, Stydy Vitamin, and MIT OpenCourseWare.

Join Physics Group:

Join online forums or groups to interact with people who are interested in physics like you.

You can make an account on the also where you can give answer that you know and Can ask the Question where you struck off.

Your learning may be improved more by participating in discussions, asking questions, and sharing thoughts.

You can get benefits from physicists and teachers also.

Challenge Yourself:

As you advance, push your limits and take on complex problems.

Your ability to solve problems as well as understand complex ideas will both improve as a result. Whenever you are studying physics Always make a BIG QUESTION MARK (?) In Your Mind Related to Concept and ask the Question like Can Mass be Negative and Try to Remove that Question Mark By Clearing your doubts by Doing Google to It.

DON’T BE STOP UNTILL you will not get proper solution about it.

Taking part in physics quiz or going to science fairs may be good ways to push yourself and meet like-minded people.

Stay Motivated and continuous:

Although physics might be challenging, it’s important to stay motivated and consistence.

Set attainable objectives, celebrate your successes, and constantly remind yourself of the practical uses and beauties that physics provides.

Collaborate with understanding people and mentors who can support you during the time when you are in problem.


Last but not least, always remember to have fun while learning physics.

Few steps to improve yourself in Physics are:

  • Proper Time Management
  • Hard Work
  • Start with Basics
  • Understand Law and Principles.

You can start a successful path of physics self-learning by using these strategies. Remember that mastering this interesting subject requires commitment and effort.

Good luck!

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