Top 10 Best Physics Teacher on YouTube

Are you searching for the Best physics teacher on Youtube in india who can guide you and simplify the toughest concepts of physical science? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the most efficient physics teachers who teach through YouTube.

In the wake of the pandemic, the online platform has expanded into the teaching sector, with many educators utilizing it as a means to share their knowledge and earn a living. However, with number of  online teachers available, it can be challenging to identify the best and most reliable sources. That’s where we come in to solve this problem by providing you with the top-notch resources available on YouTube, ensuring you gain knowledge in the right way.

This article will introduce you to some of the Best physics teachers on YouTube.

I have to Create a list of all those teachers which are  good in teaching according their specific quality in the teaching of physics.

What is Physics?

Physics is the study of matter and how things work in the universe. It explores the structure of objects, how they move, and the different forces and energy involved.

Physics isn’t just a subject in school; it connects to many aspects of our everyday lives. Having a good understanding of physics means having knowledge about various aspects of the world around us. With the rise of online education, the significance of learning physics through online platforms has increased significantly. If You want to learn Physics in a better way You need Best Physics Teacher.

Now we are discussing the Top 10 best physics teachers on YouTube in India. We will also provide specific features that each teacher has, as well as their YouTube channel Link.

Best Physics Teacher on YouTube in India

Best Physics Teacher on YouTube in India

1. Physics Wallah – Alakh Pandey

I think so you have this name many times if you are an Indian. Physics Wallah is one of the most popular Physics channels on YouTube in India. Allakh Pandey is one of the Best Physics Teacher in India. Alakh Pandey, the founder and CEO of Physics Wallah.


  • Passionate about their Profession.
  • Energetic
  • Simplified Explanation
  • Covers a Wide range of Content from Basic to advanced Levels
  • Effective problem-solving approaches to tackle Physics questions

About Youtube Channel:

2. Learn O Hub – Roshni Mam

Learn O Hub is another popular Physics channel on YouTube in India. The channel is run by a team of experienced teachers who are passionate about teaching. They offer a variety of content in Subject Physics, Chemistry and Biology, including concepts lectures, and NCERT Problems Solutions.

I Personally have Watched her Videos of Physics.


  • Clear and Concise explanations
  • Engaging and Interactive video content
  • Prefers Practical Explanation
  • Passionate about Teaching

About Youtube Channel:

  • Teacher Name: Roshni Mam
  • Channel Name: Learn o Hub
  • Subscribers: 2.62+ M
  • Total Views:547,486,506+ Views
  • Playlists: LEARN O HUB 11 12
  • Channel Link: LEARN O HUB 11 12
  • Courses offered: All Free Courses on Youtube and Paid Pen Drive Couse on Amazon

Youtube Video Link:

3. Vedantu:

Vedantu is a well-known online education platform that offers a variety of courses, including physics. The platform’s physics teachers are highly qualified and experienced, and they offer a variety of teaching methods to keep students engaged.


  • Live sessions
  • Experienced Physics teachers
  • Provides exam-focused tips
  • Exam oriented Strategies
  • Practice questions

About Youtube Channel:

Only Best Physics Teacher is not Only Sufficient. You need to follow the Best Strategy to Learn Physics. If you want to learn the BEST WAYS TO LEARN PHYSICS FOLLOW 🤏🏻 THIS POST.

4. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that offers free educational resources, including physics videos. Khan Academy’s physics videos are taught by Sal Khan, a former hedge fund manager who is passionate about education.


  • Comprehensive Learning Resources
  • Fully Free Course Available
  • Concise and well-structured Videos

About Youtube Channel:

  • Channel Name: Khan Academy
  • Subscribers: 7.93+ M
  • Total Views: 2,066,401,589+ Views
  • Playlists: KHAN ACADEMY
  • Channel Link: KHAN ACADEMY

5.Apni Kaksha – Aman Dhattarwal

Apni Kaksha is an online learning platform that offers a variety of courses, including physics. Apni Kaksha’s physics videos are taught by experienced teachers who use a variety of teaching methods to keep students engaged.


  • Energetic and engaging teaching style.
  • Well-structured and easy to follow videos
  • Uses humor and real-world examples to make the subject more interesting.
  • Provides Conceptual Clarity

About Youtube Channel:

  • Teacher Name: Aman Dhattarwal
  • Channel Name: Apni Kaksha
  • Subscribers: 1.66M
  • Total Views: 225,048,268
  • Playlists:APNI KAKSHA
  • Channel Link: APNI KAKSHA

6. Edu Point:

It is ONE MAN ARMY channel which Covers all the physics related core concepts from basics to advance level. It Cover wide range of Syllabus from Class 9 to Class 12 and Graduations Topics also.If you need to clear any Concept crystal clear Best Physics Teacher on Youtube Channel is EDU Point.


  • Well Structured Content
  • Easy to follow
  • Uses animations and attractive diagrams
  • Covering every topic of Physics
  • Serving to the nation

About Youtube Channel:

  • Teacher Name: One Man Army
  • Channel Name: EduPoint
  • Subscribers: 1.14M
  • Total Views: 102,134,470
  • Playlists: EDU POINT
  • Channel Link: EDU POINT

7. Best physics teacher online-Arvind Arora –  Arvind Academy:

Arvind Academy channel is for NEET Physics & Class 12th and 11 Physics & Maths students from CBSE & State Boards. This channel has the vision to help Physics


  • Well Structured Content
  • Easy to follow
  • Uses animations and attractive diagrams
  • Covering every topic of Physics
  • Serving to the nation

About Youtube Channel:

  • Teacher Name: Arvind Sir
  • Channel Name: Arvind Academy
  • Subscribers: 1.09M
  • Total Views: 120,224,812+ views
  • Playlists: Arvind Academy
  • Channel Link: Arvind Academy

8. Byjus:

This is also online platform that offers a variety of content related to Physics, Chemistry and Bio for Different Classes. Also offering various courses for many Competitive Exams Like IAS,UPSC etc.


  • Well Structured Content in English
  • Uses animations and attractive diagrams
  • Taking the Real Life examples for Explaining the Concept of Physics
  • creating a conducive learning environment
  • Designing and preparing lessons

About Byju’s Youtube Channel:

  • Physics teacher Name:  Nitin Vijay sir
  • Channel Name: Byju’s
  • Subscribers: 2.53k+
  • Total Views: 39,335,168+ views
  • Playlists: BYJU’s CLASS 9 10
  • Content Available: Free as well as Paid
  • Channel Link: BYJU’s CLASS 9 10

9.Sachin Sir Physics:

One of the remarkable physics teachers on YouTube is Sachin Sir, who runs the popular Sachin Sir Physics channel. With his expertise and dedication, Sachin Sir has garnered a loyal following of students.


  • Teaches from the heart
  • He takes maximum effort to make each and every concept clear.
  • Taking the Real Life examples for Explaining the Concept of Physics

About Youtube Channel:

10. Physics Galaxy:

Physics Galaxy is one of the oldest YouTube channels which provides quality content in a short period of time. On the physics galaxy channel, You will get all chapter-wise PYQs video solutions. Also Checklist video for revision of all concepts with minimum time.


  • Have PYQs Questions
  • Experience Teacher Ashish Arora
  • Head of Allen Jaipur
  • Concept Explanation by Proper Animation

About Youtube Channel:

Rank No.Channel NameTeacher Name
1Physics Wallah – Alakh PandeyAlakh Pandey
2Learn O HubRoshni Mam
3VedantuAmrit Sir
4Khan AcademyRam Prakash
5Apni KakshaAman Dhattarwal
6Edu PointOne Man Army
7Arvind AcademyArvind Arora
8Byju’sNitin Vijay sir
9Sachin Sir PhysicsSachin
10Physics Galaxy Ashish Arora sir


Q.Who is the No 1 physics teacher in India?

A:Nitin Vijay Sir, also known as NV Sir, is widely regarded as one of India’s most exceptional physics professors. His teaching abilities and profound understanding of complex physics topics have earned him immense acclaim and recognition.

Who is the best teacher of physics in India online?

Rank 1: Nitin Vijay Sir ( NV Sir)
Rank 2: Roshni Mukherjee
Rank 3: Anurag Tyagi Sir.
Rank 4: Allakh Pandey
Rank 5: Pratik Tripathi.

Who is the best physics teacher on YouTube in india for JEE?

Ans: ABJ Sir (Mohit tyagi Channel) and Ashish Arora sir (Physics galaxy) both are the Best Physics Teacher On Youtube In India For JEE.

What book should I read for physics?

Ans:The Feynman Lectures on Physics by Richard P and If you want to Study for academic Session you just follow the Every Class  NCERT Books for get better understanding of core concepts of Physics.

Which is the No 1 physics book for NEET?

Physics for NEET by Aakash Institute
NCERT Fingertips
Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
Physics for the JEE by DC Pandey
Concepts of Physics by H.C. Verma


These 10 best physics teacher on YouTube in India have helped many students learn physics. They have clear explanations and interactive methods that make complex physics concepts easy to understand. Whether you learn best by watching videos, following step-by-step instructions, or preparing for exams, these teachers have something for you. Check out their YouTube channels and watch their most popular videos to start learning physics today!

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